Monday, January 18, 2010

The Devil Lives in Haiti

The Devil Lives in Haiti?

It would seem the devil himself resides in Haiti. Well that is the opinion of a number of Christians I came across on the social media platform Facebook.

They categorically stated that Pat Robertson was right when he stated that the recent devastation was a result of a pact that the Haitians made with no other than El Diablo himself many years ago that resulted in God nuking them in His wrath Sodom and Gomorrah style. (check out the video on YouTube..makes for fantastic viewing)

Now I believe in God, I do, but something about this statement made my bile rise. Not only because of the blatant judgment on the people of Haiti but for even suggesting that God Himself willed this to happen and to throw it in the face of a people suffering such severe devastation is for me the lowest form of inhumanity. Some of the “enlightened” messages included “people don’t want to accept that all these things happening are written in the bible and it means this is end. It’s a shame about Haiti though, may God be with them” The end is nigh? Is this 2012? I didn’t get that memo. Another gem which came after I stated my confusion “Brendah you need to ask God for wisdom. He will let things like this happen just so people can see the light…everybody sins but that nation was in much confusion, God was definitely going to destroy it” You know what, I would ask Him for wisdom but He seems rather busy. What with causing earthquakes and stuff.

As the people who were having this discussion were Zimbabwean I had to ask. Does this mean that all the mess that we are in is a result of some pact we made with the devil? Have we as a nation sinned so much against God that we are now paying for it through Mugabe and Zanu PF (though it’s easy to see how they can be seen to be devil spawn). Cause if this argument can be used for Haiti, it can be used for every other nation in distress.

Maybe I am theologically na├»ve but As I see it, bad things happen to people regardless of their beliefs and lifestyle. Haiti has had a rough time but so has Somalia, Zimbabwe and any other war torn, politically unstable, poverty stricken country we know. Some crises are man-made, some by the hand of God. But a response that links tragedy to a judgment of people and their lifestyle coupled with all the devil talk is a classic case of Christians being too spiritual for any earthly good and if God really did see it fit to kill over 200 000 people in Haiti for the sake of them seeing the “light” then I am not sure that is a God I am willing to serve.

P.S. Who else has noticed that the majority of aid organizations in Haiti as we speak are non-Christian?


  1. Hi

    I'm a Christian - a pastor, actually - and Pat Robertson didn't speak for me.

    I just wanted to let you know that there are Christians out there who believe God is actually crying in despair with every Haitian who has lost someone in the earthquake.

  2. Just so you know, a few ignorant individuals, least of all PAT ROBERTSON speak for all Christians. As a Christian who actually KNOWS what I believe and why, I know thats absolute balderdash! I agreaa with Guillaume above. I'm tired of ig'nant individuals making us look bad!