Thursday, October 17, 2013

Post Baby WTF

As I write this I am in my car in the parking lot of Heronbridge waiting for my 8 year old to return from a match. Playing is Dia Frampton and Kid Cudi"Don't Kick The Chair". That little piece of info has absolutely nothing to do with the story, just needed to show I'm still a hip mom...#nojudgement Anyway back to the story. I have just had a baby. Lovely piece of bubbly energetic life called Samkelo. Sam I Am, Sambo or Hiccup depending on who is addressing him. While they say being pregnant and being a mother is the best thing to happen to a woman, they fail to mention that it is also the shittiest thing a woman can go through. It really isn't all Johnson & Johnson commercial material. The first issue I have is how much of yourself you have to surrender. Not only does your body start to resemble a beached whale as each month goes on and on but your emotions are all over the place! Sprinkle some aggression, nausea, bloating and swollen feet...voila! Pregnancy! I remember watching What To Expect When You Are Expecting and the little speech that Elizabeth Banks give sums it all up (check video post) And it all kinda catches you unaware. You only realise how miserable you really are at like 6 months in. By then you are committed! And i have been pregnant twice (I don't learn, and each and every time I find myself feeling blindsided. But if you can fight through all the above, and you can, one day you will wake up to a gummy smile and big fat chubby hands grabbing your neck and...well...either you are being strangled by a deranged toothless fat person..or you are finally face to face to what is easily the love of your life! Your baby. The one person that will give you the strength and drive to wake up each day aiming to do your best and be the best you can be. And for those days where you know it could have gone better you still get to go home and fall in love all over again. And that makes it all worth it!!

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