Friday, February 19, 2010

Eternal Sleep

As night falls, darkness creeps in and makes light a mere memory of the mind. Happy events of the day might well have been a figment of your imagination.

In the corners of your weary mind, dreams and shadows play, in a worthless bid to cover and disguise all the pain and hurt away. Happiness, love and joy are silhouettes on a wall too far and too high for you to reach.

You wake up to the sound of your thoughts, your failures are deafened by the screams of your desires and needs, and your pain and fears cry out to be heard amid the turbulence of your mind and your soul.

The air fills with the smell of your humiliations and call upon burning, searing tears shed in the dead of the night, when silence is too deafening for you to bear, the confusion too thick for your mind to penetrate, and the anguish too strong for your soul to endure. Maybe the darkness will be kind and remain just so, the night conquer the day and grasp you with its talon consume you with its fangs and when its duty through bestow upon you eternal sleep….

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